Crows unbeaten after nine

HAPPY: Beaufort coach Dale Power has his team up and firing after the opening nine games of the year. File picture: Adam Trafford.
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BEAUFORT remains one of only two sides yet to drop a game this season and arethe new Central Highlands Football League ladder-leadersafter claiming victory over Dunnstown by 36 points.

Saturday’s winhas lifted the Beaufort boys from second spot on the table to bepercentage clear of Waubra, which is also unbeaten after the opening nine gamesof 2015.

The Crows and the Roos played out a draw in round five.

On the weekend, the tough and disciplined Crows overcame a slow start to eventually take control ofthe game and force the Townerson the back foot.

Dunnstown’s ability to slow things down and force a defensive scrap early wasadmirable, but the Daville Building Surveying Towners struggled to maintain their intensity as the contestwore on.

After an inaccurate (1.6) opening term, Beaufort was able to gradually get the gameon its own terms, as the Crows got on top at stoppages and largely controlledpossession.

Defender Lachlan Pfeiffer was particularly influential for the Graintech Crows, as his ability tonullify the classy Aaron Sawers was a key reason why his side took a 16-point leadinto half time.

Dunnstown flashed in and out of the game after the main break, but whenever itseemed that the Towners were on the verge of a comeback, Beaufort quickly repliedon the scoreboard.

Crows’ forward Matt Begbie was instrumental in the victory, proving a handful upforward and kicking goals at crucial times in the second half.

Coach Dale Power said it was a solid performance from his team and lauded an evenspread of contributors.

“We’re a pretty even side across the ground, which is important in this league,”Power said.

“We’re not really deficient in any one area and we’re not outstanding in any onearea. If we all play our role, we seem to get the result at the moment.

“There were only maybe two patches I can think of where we didn’t control the play.It felt like we had hold of the tempo and hold of the clearances.”

Despite the loss, it was once again an improved performance from Dunnstown.

The Towners impressed with their ability to defend and slow Beaufort’s ballmovement, but despitepersevering to the final siren, were unable to keep up withthe Crows after quarter time.

Coach Justin Abrams said the signs were promising for his side, which sits justoutside the top eight in 10thspot, but is now two games adrift ofthe finals bracket.

“We’re getting there,” Abrams said.

“As I said to the boys after the game, take Gordon last week. They were cellardwellers for about four years and it’s taken them that long to rebuild. Beaufortweren’t dissimilar – they were really battling and now they’re unbeaten.

“We’re in our first year of a rebuild. To be within 20 points last week and 36 pointsthis week, it’s pleasing. There are more positives than negatives.”

Experienced ruckman Mark Stewart was once again excellent for the Towners,providing a target around the ground as well as up forward, while Daniel McGrathand Mitch Kennedy both stood up in defence.

Beaufort has a big clash with Gordon to plan for next weekend, while Dunnstown has another difficult encounter with Buninyong.

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Always read the fine print

Free trade agreements (FTA) such as the one with China have always been sold as a massive win for the economy, but there’s always the fine print they’re hoping no-one notices.
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On the one hand, our agricultural exports will be able to compete freely for an additional 1.3 billion customers. On the other hand, imported goods are about to get a whole lot cheaper, which may not necessarily be a win for consumers.

We’ve yet to come up with a set of guidelines for country-of-origin labelling, and until that happens you’ll see the big supermarkets bring in a lot of cheap frozen produce of questionable safety. Frozen berries, anyone?

Our manufacturing sector too, will struggle to compete with products built by hands paid $1.50 an hour, but that’s okay, because theagreement appears to allow Australian firms to bring in an unlimited number of temporary workers from China.

Businesses have already been agitating for a reduction in penalty rates, what impact will a supply of cheap labour have on our jobs market?

There will be far-reaching consequences that no-one seems to want to think about.What ever happened to responsible government that looked out for the people and not just for businesses? Is our way of life being sold off?Something to think about while you wait to replace that cheap imported hair dryer for the third time.


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Power outpoints Pioneers

SPEEDY: Moama’s Lachlan Schultz was the Bendigo Pioneers best against Gippsland Power. Picture: BILL CONROY
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THE Bendigo Pioneers could not halt Gippsland Power’s charge to victory in the TAC Cup football clash at Craigieburn on Saturday.

Gippsland’s dominance in and around stoppages proved telling as it gained a three-goal lead by quarter-time.

Power racked up nine scoring shots to one in a brilliant start to the match.

By half-time Gippsland held a 28-point buffer.

Bendigo did lift its play in the second half, but Gippsland had all the answers as it kicked away to record a 33-point victory.

Pioneers’ coach Brett Henderson said Gippsland’s strength around the packs was telling.

“They had one or two players dropping off back into defence and were able to take quite a few intercept marks or spoil a pass,” Henderson said.

Power’s pressure meant a lot of Bendigo’s attacks were forced sideways, backwards or came unstuck through disposal errors or wrong decisions.

“There was no doubt the effort was there, but our play to the forward half was chaotic at times.

“The pressure on our midfielders meant some passes to the forwards were not so great.”

Despite the loss, Henderson said there were positives to take from the match.

Moama’s Lachlan Schultz followed up his great play in the breakthrough victory against NSW-ACT the previous round by being Bendigo’s best.

“Lachy was outstanding. He works so hard from the start of the match until the finish,” Henderson said of the wingman’s play.

Sandhurst’s Lachlan Tardrew provided plenty of run and dare in the second half.

Golden Square clubmates Isaac Miller and Jayden Burke were again strong in defence.

Echuca’s Isaac Johnson and Jordan Bath played well in their first TAC Cup under-18 games, while Sandhurst’s Braidon Blake and Cooper Jones are two youngsters developing well.

Mildura’s Jayden Fox tore a hamstring just before half-time and is likely to miss four to six matches.

After next weekend’s bye, Bendigo plays Oakleigh on July 4 at the QEO.

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Daily horoscopes: Sunday, June 21

Read Alison Moroney’s daily horoscopes for Wednesday,June 21, 2015.ARIES: Until August 9 much of your energy will be directed towards domestic and family interests as well as property matters. There is a lot that can be physically achieved around the home during this time, especially on July 7-10, August 5-8. However, there will be times when conflict arises because you push yourself and others too hard.
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TAURUS: Until August 9 you will be immersed in daily routines, communications and travelling. You should watch your temper, for it could cause you excessive trouble, either as a result of disagreements, car problems or physical injury that manifests as cuts to the hands and digits, or lung problems. Direct the energy towards positive planning, and action to minimise difficulties.

GEMINI: Between now and August 9 your earning capacity will increase, mainly because of extra effort on your part, but also aided by additional income from an irregular source. There is a propensity towards the acquirement of possessions that could see your bank balance deplete in direct proportion to the accumulation of goods.

CANCER: During the next six weeks, initiative is a key factor in determining success, earning recognition from employers and business associates. Excessive enthusiasm and aggression may put others off side, so direct your energies wisely. Children of Cancerian parents should also be successful under this cycle. Trends are activated on July 7-10, July 14-17, 24-27, August 5-8.

LEO: The coming six weeks may be a frustrating time, regarding legal issues, communication, academic matters and professional advice. Allow situations to develop at a natural pace. It may very well be that your timing or perception of a situation is poor, or you need time to reflect on matters and work through them yourself.

VIRGO: The active pursuit of your ambitions and increased social commitments will demand much of your time and energy until August 9. This is also a financially fortunate period for you, though your friends and associates may suffer in some way. Perhaps over-zealousness on your part may contribute to these aggravations.

LIBRA: Partnerships, career and personal relationships will be the focus of your drive for success in the next six weeks. Feelings run high so you must be tactful in handling any situation, especially on July 14-17, 24-27. It is integral to your success that you learn to work in with others during this time. Positive developments around income are indicated.

SCORPIO: There may be the need for long distance travel or professional advice in connection with work or a health matter between now and August 9. It is important that responsibilities are met if difficulties are to be avoided. Students of welfare and health subjects should do well during this period, with special emphasis on July 7-10, August 5-8.

SAGITTARIUS: Your financial situation is helped along by fortunate breaks in the next six weeks. Loans, taxation, insurance and superannuation matters are favourably emphasised on July 7-10, August 5-8. However, younger members of the family may cause some concern, and you will not find it an easy matter to resolve those problems.

CAPRICORN: Relationships may not be easy during the next six weeks, as others are generally more aggressive, especially people whom you consider to be friends. Family members could also be in a similar frame of mind, so you need to use all your talents to deal with these situations tactfully. Trends are active on July 7-10, July 14-17, 24-27, August 5-8

AQUARIUS: Between now and August 9, work related concerns and health issues will demand more of your energy. Associated friction could develop at work, impacting on your health. It is important to pace yourself and not allow stress to undermine your position, as you would be rendering yourself vulnerable to accidents, inflammations, cuts and abrasions.

PISCES: You will be spending more of your time and money on children, a loved one, recreational interest or sporting activities between now and August 9.There is a tendency to choose locations at a distance for vacations during this period. Speculative interest should generally return good results. Best days are July 7-10, August 5-8.

LUCKY NUMBERS: Aries: 1, 3, 4, 9; Taurus: 5, 8; Gemini: 6, 7; Cancer: 3, 4, 7, 9; Leo: 1, 3, 4, 9; Virgo: 6, 8; Libra: 5, 7; Scorpio: 2, 3, 7, 9; Sagittarius: 1, 3, 4, 9; Capricorn: 5, 6; Aquarius: 5, 6; Pisces: 2, 4, 7.

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The Esperance Squash Club hosted the Pennants grand finalPHOTOS

The Esperance Squash Club hosted the Pennants grand final | PHOTOS The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.
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The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

The Men’s and Women’s Pennants Summer 2015 squash finals. Photo: Haley Baker.

TweetFacebookSee Wednesday’s Esperance Express for a full report.

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Commuters anxious

Changing times: Ballarat train commuters now have an extra daily peak service running to and from Ballarat. Picture: file photoMORE services aren’tnecessarily better for the daily Ballarat train commuter.
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V/Line’sintroduction of an extrarun duringboth daily peak periods from Ballarat to Melbourne begins on Monday, but commuters still aren’t fully satisfied with the trip.

The change in timetables,taking into account the completedRegional Rail Link project, began on Sunday.

It is the week day trips that interest Ballarat’s residents themost.

Daily commuterJonathan Nolan, who previously took the 7.35am service from Ballarat Stationfor an 8.45am arrival at Southern Cross under the existing system, said the time change had been welcome for Ballarat residents starting their working day at 9am in Melbourne.

Mr Nolan said he now has an extra 10 minutes to get to workunder the new system with a service now leaving Ballarat at 7.24am,but is concerned about the continuing nature of overcrowded trains.

“The fact that there’s more servicesavailable is a good thing,” Mr Nolan said.

“Currently we’ve got overcrowding and quite often I’m giving up my seat.

“When the train arrives from Wendouree it’s quite sparse, but it’s close to full by Ballarat and it’s overcrowded from Ballan.

“From Bacchus Marsh and Ballan it’s definitely over capacity.”

Each service leaving Wendouree in the week daymorning stops at Ballan and Bacchus Marsh.

However, four extra peak-hourservices for BacchusMarsh will also clearsome of the congestionsuffered by passengerson the trip to Melbourne.

The next service leaving Ballarat Station in the morning departs at 7.46am for an 8.58am arrival at Southern Cross, proving nonviable for those with 9am work deadlines.

Mr Nolan said the primary focus should still be to lessen the travel time between Ballarat and Melbourne to one hour.

Options from Melbourne to Ballarat can lessen travel time to just 66 minutes, while tripsfrom Ballarat to Melbourne exceed 70 minutes.

“Some of the trains are running a very quick time to Ballarat,” Mr Nolan said.

“It’s reasonable to assume that same journey speed could be made in the morning.”

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Driver faces two years in jail over Oberon forest crash

TRAGIC DEATH: Brielle Falzon, 15, died in a forest crash near Oberon in June last year.
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A 25-YEAR-OLD man has been jailed for two years over the death of a 15-year-old girl in a forest crash near Oberon last year.

Adam Moore was behind the wheel of a Holden Rodeo during a late-night ride through Lowes Mount State Forest on June 6, 2014 when he navigated a sharp corner too fast, causing the ute to roll.

Albion Park girl Brielle Falzon was crushed and killed in the crash.

Moore, from Bellambi in Wollongong, will now spend at least two years in jail for the dangerous driving that caused the teen’s tragic death after he was sentenced in Sutherland District Court.

Speaking outside court on Friday, members of Brielle’s family choked back tears as they remembered their “cheeky monkey” – a vivacious young woman with an indomitable spirit.

Her aunty, Crystal Carriage, described her niece as “a beautiful person, inside and out”.

“She loved her friends and she loved her family, she would have been very proud of her friends at the moment.”

Also at the court on Friday was Brielle’s grandmother, Veronica Glover-Chambers, who the teen lived with for three years while attending school in Albion Park, and who she adored.

Mrs Portelli said Brielle’s heartbroken mother, Alexis Wilson, was unable to face the physical and emotional strain of the sentencing proceedings.

She said Brielle’s family was happy with the sentence and felt Judge Paul Conlon had been fair in handing Moore a four-year prison term with a two-year non-parole period.

Moore had drunk six beers on the evening of June 6, 2014, when he and four others decided to go driving through Lowes Mount State Forest during a long-weekend camping trip.

Brielle was sitting on the car’s front passenger window sill when Moore reached a 90-degree right-hand bend, travelling too fast to safely navigate the corner.

The car’s rear end drifted and the vehicle rolled once, killing the teenager.

Judge Conlon rejected Moore’s claim he was unaware Brielle and a back-seat passenger were seated on the car’s window sills.

In the moments after the accident, the court heard Moore said to a friend “get me a bullet so I can kill myself”.

However, the court heard the Bellambi man claimed the accident occurred when he tried to put the car into third gear but accidentally put it into first instead, however, the vehicle was found to be in fourth gear directly after the crash.

Both speed and alcohol were a factor in the crash and Judge Conlon said ultimately Moore was responsible for keeping his passengers safe.

Moore will be eligible for release from jail on June 18, 2017.

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Police officer punched in the head 20 times in Surry Hills restaurant

A man who allegedly punched two police officers in Surry Hills on Sunday morning has been charged with assault.
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Mii Metua Joseph Fortes, 27, was reportedly yelling obscenities at staff in a fast-food restaurant on Oxford Street when approached by the two plainclothes officers about 1.50am on Sunday.

The senior constables, both from Surry Hills Local Area Command, identified themselves as police officers before approaching him, a NSW Police spokeswoman said.

Mr Fortes then allegedly punched one of the officers on the head up to 20 times before forcing him to the ground. The officer sustained numerous cuts to his face.

Mr Fortes then allegedly turned his focus to the second police officer, running at him and allegedly punching him in the forehead. The officer was left with swelling and bruising to his face.

Neither officer was seriously injured and did not attend hospital.

The man was arrested after a number of other officers arrived at the scene.

He was taken to Surry Hills police station and charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer in execution of duty causing actual bodily harm and behaving in offensive manner.

He was refused bail and is due to appear in Parramatta Local Court on Sunday.

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You can cancel my passport: Islamic State doctor Tareq Kamleh loved Australia but won’t return

Australian doctor Tareq Kamleh in the IS propaganda video. Photo: SuppliedA playboy doctor who fled Australia to join Islamic State said he anticipated an arrest warrant being issuedfor him and he has no plans to return to the country he “once loved so much”.
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The Australian Federal Police issued awarrant for the arrest of Tareq Kamleh last week, alleging he is a member of a terrorist group, is recruiting for a terrorist group and hasentered a so-called “declared area”, one of the government’s proscribed terrorismno-go zones.

Dr Kamleh, a former paediatric registrar who worked in three states, secretly left Australia and later emerged in anIslamic State propaganda videoin April,spruiking the terrorist group’s healthcare system and calling on others to join him.

In a post on his Facebook page on Sunday, Dr Kamleh said the federal police’s case against him did notindicate “a malicious character on my behalf”and it displayed the kind of injustice in the judicial system that was the catalyst for him leaving.

“I anticipated an arrest warrant, hence why I left in secret,” he posted.

“Do as you please, I no longer consider myself an Australian.”

He said he once loved Australia but the “continuous bombing of civilian targets here by the coalition has done nothing but disappoint me of the country I once loved so much”.

Dr Kamleh, who goes by the nom-de-guerre Abu Yousef Al-Australie,has previously said he was running the paediatric component of a casualties division in a hospital in Raqqa, Syria.

He said he travelled to the Islamic State stronghold because there was an overt lack of qualified medical care and he felt a”humanitarian duty” to help the children.

He said he had no concern if his passport was cancelled because he had no intention to return.

The arrest warrant for Dr Kamlehcame as Federal Parliament fiercely debatedplans to strip dual nationals of their Australian citizenshipif they are deemed to be terrorists.

If the government’s plans become law, jihadists who are in Syria or Iraq fighting or supporting groups such as the Islamic State would be blocked from returning to Australia, rather than allowed to return, then arrested and prosecuted.

Former colleagues have previously said they were surprised to see Dr Kamleh surface in an Islamic State video because he was known for being a flirtatious, lazy doctor with a playboy lifestyle.

He has since posted photos on Facebook of a child’s X-ray and a premature baby, saying the pathology in the war-ravaged country was “incredible”.

Source: SMH

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Queensland driving tests a tougher road for learner drivers

Learner drivers will face a tougher test to get their Queensland licences from June 29. Learner drivers will face a tougher test to get their Queensland licences from June 29. Photo: Simon O’Dwyer
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The road from L- to P-plates will be made more challenging from this month as the state government attempts to prevent more young deaths on Queensland roads.

But the LNP opposition has demanded credit for the move, saying the Newman government had started the process three years ago and accused Labor of plagiarising its ideas.

However, a Bligh Labor government discussion paper released in 2011 foreshadowed many of the changes.

Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said the new Q-SAFE practical driving test, which would shift more focus towards potentially dangerous situations, would make it harder for learner-drivers to get their drivers’ licences.

Under the Q-SAFE system, learner-drivers would be tested on merging lanes at higher speeds and safely turning across oncoming traffic.

“Too many young drivers are killed on our roads and we are acting to make the next generation of motorists more skilled at handling dangerous situations,” Mr Bailey said.

“Driving tests will focus more on potentially fatal traffic hazards and less on parking manoeuvres.”

Mr Bailey said there would also be “zero tolerance” for speeding.

“Speeding is responsible for one in five road deaths so there will be absolutely no excuses if you drive with reckless disregard for others on Queensland roads,” he said.

“Learner drivers will also be tested on safe following distances and response times to dangerous situations.”

As of Sunday morning, the state’s 2015 road toll stood at 111, up from 98 at the same time in 2014.

The state opposition welcomed the proposal, but at the same time blasted the government for doing what the LNP would have done had it not lost the 2015 state election.

Opposition transport spokesman Andrew Powell said the Newman government first flagged the changes in 2012 and had introduced pilot programs across the state last year.

Mr Powell accused the Palaszczuk government of “blatant plagiarism”.

“In 2012, then-minister Scott Emerson outlined the LNP’s plan to overhaul Queensland driving tests for the first time in more than a decade,” he said.

“We then underwent extensive public consultation before introducing a hugely successful pilot program to test the changes at seven sites across Queensland.

“For minister Mark Bailey to try and claim credit for yet another LNP initiative goes to show that this Labor government has no plan, no policies and no ideas of its own.”

The 2011 Bligh-era discussion paper recommended competency-based tests that would go beyond basic skills and look at higher-order safe driving abilities, including planning ahead and anticipating risks and hazards.

“In a competency-based test, the driving examiner will watch and assess a candidate’s skills, looking for evidence of observing other traffic and road users, identifying potential hazards and driving accordingly, planning ahead and making safe decisions,” it said.

The new Q-SAFE practical driving test was set to be introduced across Queensland on Monday, June 29.

RACQ spokesman Joe Fitzgerald said the government had been consultative in its approach and the motor club was happy with the outcome.

“We’re pleased this is the next step in making sure drivers remain safe,” he said.

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Man beaten unconscious in late-night racial attack in Prahran: police

CCTV footage from the scene of a racial attack in Prahran on Sunday morning. Photo: Victoria Police CCTV footage from the scene of a racial attack in Prahran on Sunday morning.
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 A 33-year-old man has been beaten unconscious – twice – during a late-night attack in front of stunned onlookers.

The man, originally from Kenya, had been trying to ignore a group of three men who began following him, shouting racial abuse as he left a Chapel Street nightclub.

But the group continued taunting him until he was finally set upon in a Prahran car park just after 3am on Sunday.

The man was knocked out by repeated blows to the head, regained consciousness, and was then knocked out again with another kick to the head, police said.

Shocked onlookers near the car park, on the corner of Princes Close and Little Chapel Street, rushed to help the man while the three attackers fled.

The man suffered such severe facial injuries that he’s been unable to tell police exactly what happened.

But Detective Senior Constable Katie Johnston said the entire attack has been captured on CCTV cameras.

“We’ve seen it and it’s disgusting, to be honest,” she said.

“This one is particularly sickening. Very brutal. And the fact that he’s been rendered unconscious, twice, in a matter of 30 seconds is just disgusting.”

She said the three men were much larger than the man, who remains in The Alfred hospital in a serious but stable condition.

“He didn’t physically stand any chance,” she said. “He was just sticking up for himself and it’s ended up with himself in hospital.”

Two of the men were Caucasian in appearance while the third man was perceived to be of Islander appearance with short, black dreadlocks.

Police have released images of the men taken from CCTV footage of the area, as well as images of three others who were in the area and may be able to help in the investigation.

Anyone who witnessed the attack or has information is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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Griffith go down to SIRU leaders

WRAPPED UP: Griffith Blacks player Andre Boon is going nowhere after being caught by the Albury defence. Picture: Anthony Stipo
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The Griffith Blacks recorded consecutive defeatsfor the first time in the Southern Inland Rugby Union season on Saturday after losing 37-31 to the Albury Steamers.

The grand final re-match saw the reigning premiers go down to thecurrent competition leaders at Coro oval, the game producing an entertaining spectacle.

The Blacks werecruising early in the clash as theirforward pack dominated the middle exchanges to set up a19-5 advantage.

But the Steamers are leading the competition for a reason.

On the back of penalties and extra possession, the visitors scored four tries to lead 31-19 at the break.

The Blacks had their opportunities in the second half and brought it back to 31-26,but the Steamers pulled away again before a late rallyfrom the home side fell just short.

Vaea Mateo was outstanding for the Blacks and finished with a personal haul of 21 points after scoring three tries and nailing three conversions.

Nick Gleeson and Semisi Rogoyawa were the Blacks’ other try scorers.

Blacks co-coach Matt Vitucci said it was a game his teamcould have won with better decision making.

“It was there for the taking, but we didn’t capitalise on our opportunities as much as we should’veand we gave away silly penalties and silly errors,” he said.

“Albury are too good of a side to pass up on them and they made the most of it in the end.It’s just something we’re going to have to try and learn from.”

Saturday’s loss was the Blacks’ second in as many weeks after they went down to CSU 20-15 the previous round.

Despite the results, Griffith remainthird on the ladder after nine rounds.

Vitucci said the Blacks were still well positionedahead of the competition split in two weeks.

“The losswasn’t too bad a result for us,” he said.

“It’s given us a good look at what we need to work onand given as a good gauge of where we’re at in the season.”

In other results against Albury, Hay (Griffith) won reserve grade 42-0, while the Blacks women’s side won its clash 39-7.

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Roos show class with triumph over Demons

HARD BALL: Waubra’s Stuart Oliver in the contest against Bungaree’s Bradley Lane and Ashley McDonald on Saturday. Picture: Kate Healy.
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BUNGAREE’S dream start to the season came crashing down on Saturday with a 31-point defeat atthe hands of Waubra.

The unbeaten Demons were unsettled by the Kangaroo onslaught and struggled to gain a clear breakin the game.

Bungaree looked dangerous, kicking two goals in the first five minutes of the game, but fizzled out as

Waubra took hold and kicked the next four.

That two-goal lead of Waubra’s was eroded by three majors from Bungaree 10 minutes into thesecond term.

Two late Kangaroo goals saw them maintain a slender seven-point lead at half time.

The third quarter was Bungaree’s downfall. Four Waubra majors sailed through and the Demonsjust managed two points.

That31-point Rooslead going into the final term was too hard to cut andthe damage had beendone.

The hero of Waubra’s win was half-forward Tim Boyle, who booted seven of his team’s 12 majors.

He took some big marks and was cool and calm converting set shots.

Tim Mullane was the other multiple scorer with two majors.

One player who was hungry in attack was Rhys Brown. He worked hard for his single goal.

Clearances seesawed from quarter to quarter, but Bungaree’s ruckman David Benson took it up toWaubra’s big men, led by Matthew Wapling.

It was a tough day for Demons forwards, but a highlight was Shaun Finlayson’s two majors.

According to Waubra’s coach Grant Luscombe, it was the Roos’ hardness in the contests thatmade thedifference against Bungaree.

“It was a highly contested game. We always knew it was going to be againstthe topside,” Luscombe said.

“Bungaree are there for a reason. They contest the footy well. We had to match them in that area.

“I thought our backsix were very good. But our pressure from our midfield was pretty good,too.”

Bungaree coach Heath Pyke said it was the result the Demons deserved for the way they played onthe day.

“In the end, it was probably a just result. Probably the result we deserved for the way we played. I don’t think at any stage did we play fluently. Waubra was far too good for us,” Pyke said.

“They wanted more of the contest than we did. Definitely won more contested footy than we did.”

When asked about losing top spot, Pyke said:”It puts us back in the mix again. Makeslife a little bit harder come the end of the year.”

Waubra now prepares for a clash against Ballan, while Bungaree eyes a meeting withCarngham-Linton.

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