You can cancel my passport: Islamic State doctor Tareq Kamleh loved Australia but won’t return

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Australian doctor Tareq Kamleh in the IS propaganda video. Photo: SuppliedA playboy doctor who fled Australia to join Islamic State said he anticipated an arrest warrant being issuedfor him and he has no plans to return to the country he “once loved so much”.

The Australian Federal Police issued awarrant for the arrest of Tareq Kamleh last week, alleging he is a member of a terrorist group, is recruiting for a terrorist group and hasentered a so-called “declared area”, one of the government’s proscribed terrorismno-go zones.

Dr Kamleh, a former paediatric registrar who worked in three states, secretly left Australia and later emerged in anIslamic State propaganda videoin April,spruiking the terrorist group’s healthcare system and calling on others to join him.

In a post on his Facebook page on Sunday, Dr Kamleh said the federal police’s case against him did notindicate “a malicious character on my behalf”and it displayed the kind of injustice in the judicial system that was the catalyst for him leaving.

“I anticipated an arrest warrant, hence why I left in secret,” he posted.

“Do as you please, I no longer consider myself an Australian.”

He said he once loved Australia but the “continuous bombing of civilian targets here by the coalition has done nothing but disappoint me of the country I once loved so much”.

Dr Kamleh, who goes by the nom-de-guerre Abu Yousef Al-Australie,has previously said he was running the paediatric component of a casualties division in a hospital in Raqqa, Syria.

He said he travelled to the Islamic State stronghold because there was an overt lack of qualified medical care and he felt a”humanitarian duty” to help the children.

He said he had no concern if his passport was cancelled because he had no intention to return.

The arrest warrant for Dr Kamlehcame as Federal Parliament fiercely debatedplans to strip dual nationals of their Australian citizenshipif they are deemed to be terrorists.

If the government’s plans become law, jihadists who are in Syria or Iraq fighting or supporting groups such as the Islamic State would be blocked from returning to Australia, rather than allowed to return, then arrested and prosecuted.

Former colleagues have previously said they were surprised to see Dr Kamleh surface in an Islamic State video because he was known for being a flirtatious, lazy doctor with a playboy lifestyle.

He has since posted photos on Facebook of a child’s X-ray and a premature baby, saying the pathology in the war-ravaged country was “incredible”.

Source: SMH

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