Online coaching system for rugby league juniors proves a huge success

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Parents and fans watch youngsters playing at Chad Towns Reserve, Glenmore Park last month. Photo: James AlcockEarlier this season, in this column, I announced a wonderful new initiative that the Panthers were launching to assist junior rugby league players and coaches.

On that weekend, Panthers launched an online coaching support system for junior league coaches and players. The technology for the system had been designed by former Australian Olympic swimmer Graham Windeatt. His Complete League Coach website and mobile apps represent one of the greatest coaching and development initiatives I have seen in all my time in rugby league.

I’m here to report that the launch of this program has been an outstanding success.

The response from the general public and those involved in grassroots rugby league has been nothing short of amazing. Since I wrote that small column item back in March 2015, there have been 5909 coaches, 47,862 players and 52,468 parents register online to view and use this amazing resource. These registrations have not been confined to the Penrith Junior League as the distribution map on this page clearly indicates. The pin drops on this map indicate areas where one or more users are located. The map also gives us an interesting take on just where rugby league’s popularity throughout this country is growing.

Interestingly, there have also been 945 registrations from other countries around the world including obviously, but not confined to, Great Britain and New Zealand.

Whilst we were obviously keen to assist the coaching and development resources and our vast Penrith Junior League, we knew that these programs would be used on a whole of game basis throughout the world. These extraordinary numbers after only a few months of operation reinforces our belief in this technology.

Apart from the large numbers of people who have already registered online, the most pleasing aspect of all this has been number of hours people are actually logged on using the technology and the millions of views of the online coaching videos we have recorded. We can see where the enthusiastic and ambitious coaches are spending hours online developing their knowledge and refining their training programs to assist their players.

These numbers and the level of online activity just reinforces our belief in not only the popularity of our game, but the enthusiasm of people at grass roots level to improve and learn more about rugby league. What it also tells us is that people have been waiting for such assistance.

Remember that my column item is the only time we have announced the availability of this program. Since that time we have not actively marketed its availability. However, given this extraordinary reach in the wonderful testimonials we have received from those who have used the technology, we are about to take this coaching program to a whole new level.

Let me just explain again what Panthers Complete League Player and Panthers Complete League Coach is all about.

Panthers NRL club, through the Penrith District Junior Rugby League, has joined with Graham to form the Panthers complete coach system. Recognising the energy, devotion and commitment of all grassroots footy volunteers, these resources are a gift to our coaches, players and parents.

Complete League Player is a Free Online and Mobile resource. It caters for Mini, Mod and International aged players, helping you to improve your skills and enjoy the game with your mates. Online you will find over 330 videos of skills and drills sessions designed to assist your technique, effectiveness and safety. Player journals to assist in goal setting, player performance and benchmarking of personal performances against teammates and other competitors and direct communication with your coaches and fellow players, are all valuable components to technology.

Complete League Coach, with its unique player-connect and player journal technology, is an online and mobile coaching resource to help make coaching easier and more effective.

We know that many parents sign up to coach their kid’s teams because no one else is available. This can sometimes cause great stress and anxiety as rookie coaches question themselves on whether or not they are giving the kids the right drills and skills to daily help them play the game but to enjoy the rugby league experience. The Panthers Complete League Coach takes away all that frustration and gives the coaches more confidence in their ability to deliver interesting and productive training sessions. It helps coaches create more player fun and satisfaction. It saves the coach time. It helps to motivate players with personal goal setting. This stresses the importance of player teamwork. These programs help accelerate player skill development.

Following is just a small example of the wonderful testimonials we have received from users of this program. “My congratulations on such a great coaching aid. While I have been a player coming into coaching a under 7’s team was a little bit different than playing. But this online/mobile resource has made me much more confident in knowing while I am educating the kids on all skills of the greatest game of all, they are also having fun. Thank you so much in making me a more confident and accomplished coach” – Rodney “I am over the moon with this, the whole Panthers Complete Coach program/app it’s so awesome, I take it down and show the boys on my phone and it saves me so much time it’s such a blessing as without it trying to explain things to kids gets frustrating for them and then for me – Mitch”Thank you for all you help and information, it is great and a fantastic tool – Robb”I must compliment you on the excellent job that you are doing for rugby league coaching, your resource is excellent and is un-paralleled in league” – Mick”I can see so many benefits to our game with this product. Improved coaching standards, producing better players, community and family confidence in coaches, player confidence in coaches and ultimately more players and people involved in our sport” – David”Thanks guys I have been using the Panthers Complete League Coach for a few months now and have found it to be the best resource I have used” – Martin

Complete Panthers is designed to help every club and school coach and player at the grass roots of the game. It caters for the different levels of experience the coach has, as well as their coaching ambition.

Being online and on mobile it has everything the coach needs; from quickly finding a skill while on the training field, to planning the core of a session and sending video of those skills to players to look at before training. Given the limited time the Junior League coaches sometimes have with their teams, the ability to send a video to their players of the skills they will be practicing at training for the week, coaches are saving valuable time at training having to explain drills and skills, which means they have been achieving more with their players and the team is improving more quickly.

There are more than 350 skills, drills and plays for coaches to use and players to view. The drills cater for all levels of the game; Mini, Mod and International. The resource also includes ready-made sessions for quickly creating the core of a training session.

Each skill and drill has a video with coaching commentary and written technique points. This helps to keep coaching direction clear and concise for the players.

Being able to watch video enables the four ways we learn.

1. Cognitive: thinking about the actions required. As the player watches they are thinking about how to do what they see

2. Perceptual: the player interprets how to do the actions. Even before doing the skill the player starts to interpret how to do what they see

3.  Motor: practicing the movement. When the player is at training they understand the movement better to practice

4.  Perceptual Motor: the player combines these levels to perfect the movement as they practice meaning they improve quicker. This process is also sometimes called mirror learning which enhances best practice by watching a skill done with proper technique.

The coach and player can repeat the video as many times as they want to help their learning.

This process helps the player of every age develop confidence in their game, improve their personal safety  by learning correct techniqus and  helps their self-esteem as they sense their progress.

All this is a foundation for the player to improve week to week and to be able to contribute to their team.

This in turn adds up to:  Increasing the players enjoyment of the gameIncreased coaching satisfactionHappy parentsA stronger club

We want this resource to be available to as many Junior League and grassroots people as possible. Very soon will be adding to our video library and also providing an interactive component where Junior League coaches and players can get online access to the knowledge of our NRL coaching team and even our NRL players.

We will soon be introducing a live webinar program where for a couple of hours each week we will deliver live lectures on coaching and the availability for you to ask questions and have them answered immediately online.

We don’t want Junior League coaching to be about winning. We want coaching to be about the coach creating a fun and educational environment for the youngsters who choose to play this game. We want kids who play this game to enjoy a happy, healthy, productive and loving team environment. We want their experience in rugby league at these early ages to be so good, it keeps them as fans of the game for life.

You can log on to the website, completepanthers苏州美甲美睫培训学校, to view the wonderful technology and support system on offer. You can also search the App Store through your mobile device and download the Panthers Complete League Coach app for free. Simply register with a username and password and you are ready to go.

Enjoy learning more about your rugby league.

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