LETTER: Playfordone of our true heroes

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ALAN Playford is one of our region’s true heroes (‘‘Humble hero calls it quits after saving lives for 40 years’’ Herald 18/6).

Words fail to describe my appreciation for Alan’s service and sacrifice to the public of NSW.

I cannot imagine the horror and terror faced when working simultaneously as both an ambulance officer and a firefighter. One of these on its own would be harrowing enough.

Most people would surely go mad amid the mental anguish of fire storms, mangled bodies, and other rescues, not to mention the war atrocities. Indeed, Alan has seen the worst of nature and humanity.

Congratulations, Alan, on a life of selflessness. On behalf of Newcastle, I applaud your contribution to public safety. Enjoy retirement and a well-deserved rest, and keep wearing the Walt Disney T-shirts. The world needs more magic, fantasy and positive influence.

Stanley Pipe,


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