LETTER: Informed choice in ethics debate

Written by admin on 21/09/2019 Categories: 苏州美甲美睫培训学校

I AGREE with John Donnelly (‘‘Choice of faith for everyone’’ Herald, 12/6) that special religious education (SRE) and ethics can peacefully co-exist, and indeed in our school, there is a positive, friendly relationship between teachers from both groups.

However, I don’t agree that what is happening at the state level between the Premier and SRE lobby groups is ethical, and I do not believe that his criticisms of Rosemarie Milsom’s earlier article (‘‘The ethics of education’’ Herald, 5/6) are justified.

Mr Donnelly states that ‘‘families are well informed’’ of their options, however, with ethics omitted from the enrolment form, this is not the case.

In 2014, there were eight children enrolled for my ethics class, however, in 2015, when ethics was added as an option on the form, 23 children enrolled for the same class.

These numbers were echoed statewide and I believe they are the reason that the SRE lobby groups are now pressuring the Premier to revert back to the previous enrolment form.

Without ethics listed on the enrolment form, parents and students are not being offered an informed choice – this is basic common sense and I cannot understand how this is even a topic for debate.

Kelly Kurtz,


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