LETTER: Dog-whistle politics at play

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JUST when you thought that federal politics could not sink any lower, out comes Mr Foot in Mouth Tony Abbott with the line that the opposition is rolling out the red carpet for terrorists to return to Australia.

The red carpet statement is just about the grubbiest piece of political spin I have ever heard and is well beyond the pale.

I think Mr Abbott is treating the Australian public as fools with his constant reference to the so-called terrorist threat, which I believe he is using purely as a vote winner. No one doubts that there is a threat but to exaggerate that threat is dog-whistle politics taken to a new level. The PM is now also apparently aiming to strip dual nationals of their Australian citizenship without the need to prove any case in a court of law.

The power to strip someone of their citizenship is far too important a matter to be held at the whim of a minister who can use it.

For goodness sake, Malcolm Turnbull or Julie Bishop, save us from this PM.

Mike Sargent,

Raymond Terrace

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