LETTER: Advice has a hollow ring

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TREASURER Joe Hockey’s denial of the swollen imbalance of Sydney housing prices with affordability is, in my opinion, a sad reflection of his capacity to bond with the reality of middle-income earners, and potential earners (‘‘Build more, earn more’’ Herald 10/6).

Those already in desired suburbs aren’t scowling, with home residences excluded from asset assessment, though rising in value as applauded by the Prime Minister.

Joe can crow with, what I understand to be, a $360,000-plus salary, as well as perks, including a generous away from home accommodation allowance paid into his wife’s Canberra home unit, not to mention investment properties (Sydney Morning Herald, 10/6). A clouded perspective indeed.

With an oversupply of teacher graduates, not all dentistry graduates fully employed, medical students overwhelming the post-graduate training system and law firms reporting excessive applications for few law-clerk positions, the ‘‘get a good job that pays more money’’ Hockey advice has a hollow ring.

The ‘‘poor people don’t drive’’ mantra was an embarrassment, but I believe a lack of empathy towards low and middle-income earners continues as the government struggles to lighten the Treasurer’s gaffes.

Bob Allen,

Hawks Nest

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