Cold snap

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MAKING CHANGE: Jay, 23, says ice devastated his life. He is now determined to get it back on track.INJECTING iceliterally numbed 23-year-old Jay. It froze his ability to have control and stripped him of his emotions.

In the wake of an ice storm that has engulfed the city, three recovering addicts have spoken of thedevastating impact that the “master drug” has over its “slaves”.

Jay –bubbly andchatty –went from being a successful travel agent to living under a bridge.

Jasminewas in an abusive relationship. Unlike Jay, she never felt euphoric when taking ice.

“Ionly remembercrying until I couldn’tbreathe,” Jasmine said.

Six-years of “constantly smoking ice” left her estranged from her parents, her daughter and in a jail cell.

Jay, Jasmine and Jade, who was addicted to ice for 10-years, had all tried recreational “party” drugs –but ice was completely different.

“Ice controlled my life, and finally I have broken free,” Jasmine said.

“I’d smoke all day and I felt quite guilty about it because I knew it was not right.”

To block that all-encompassing feeling of guilt, Jasmine took another hit.

“It numbs all your emotions, so I used ice to mask the guilt,” she said.

Jasmine started dealing to fund her addiction.Thenher ice age started to crack.

“I have liver problems and heart issues –I’ve lost so much.If I hadn’t gone to jail I still be using right now –I feel blessed for getting busted.”

Jade saidthe temptation to use is still there.

One hit of ice takes her to “a fantasy land”.But the fantasy was merely a mask hiding ice’s rotten core.

Jasmine, who wants to give back to other recovering addicts,said the best part of breaking from itsicy grip was being herself.

“I can feelemotional normally again.”

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